Social-Tech Event: Swift Storage & Application Security

It's high time we meet again! Join us for tech-talk on the 4th of October at Locus Publicus in Rotterdam. Expect some very exciting sessions because this time we are all about the cloud and hackers. We have invited Walter Heukels and Robert Bor to get us acquainted with OpenStack Swift Storage. During the second session of the evening Martin Knobloch will demystify application security or turn us all into hackers. Last, but not least, there will be open bar and nice people to talk to.

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There are many ways to store files on the web. One of those ways gaining in popularity is OpenStack Storage, also known as Swift. You will be shown what the open source OpenStack initiative is about and how Storage fits in. Swift will be compared to its alternatives, so that you will have a good feel when Swift is the proper answer to your problem. To whet your appetite, we will then dive into the technical possibilities of the platform, and demonstrate the API. Finally, you will glean a rare view into the inside of Swift, including how this ostensible out-of-the-box solution is operationally set up and what measures have been taken to ascertain speed and reliability.

Hackers are socially handicapped teenagers who live in their parents' attic and have only virtual friends. They are evil because they live only on pizza and never go outside! ... And you can do nothing against the attacks of these extremely intelligent folks! No, of course not!

During this session we will have a look at how hackers work, the techniques they use and how you can protect yourself! Using examples, I will highlight the most common vulnerabilities and demonstrate tools to exploit them. Appropriate security measures will be exposed against these!


Walter is responsible for designing and running a distributed, multi-datacentre storage architecture based on Openstack Swift, making sure that your data is always safe and available even though because of scale, component failure is a daily occurrence. Walter is the Solutions Architect at CloudVPS, where he translates customers' desires and requirements into reality.

Robert Bor has worked with Swift on a number of projects. Having seen the rubber hit the road, he knows quite a bit about the do's and dont's of Swift. Robert is also the author of JOSS, a Java binding for Swift, which can be found on http://javaswift.org. Robert is the CTO of 42, responsible for the company's technology vision, operations and the execution of projects.

Martin is an independent security consultant and owner of PervaSec (http://www.pervasec.nl). His main working area is (software) security in general, from awareness to implementation. In his daily work, he is responsible for education in application security matters, advise and implementation of application security measures. Martin got involved in OWASP in 2006. He became a member of the OWASP Netherland Chapter board in 2007. He has contributed to several OWASP projects and is co-organizer of the OWASP BeNeLux-Day conference since 2008. Martin has been chair of the Global Education Committee from 2008 until the ending of the Global Committees. Martin is a frequent speaker at universities, hacker spaces and various conferences.


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Sep 10, 2013